Who are we, What makes us different?

vCloud Group is more than just another work from home/anywhere solution. With the cloud computing concept, we believe it can be adapted to all areas of business. Using the right technology, cloud computing goes beyond putting your data or server in the cloud.

We specialise in cloud computing services that allow all your employees to work from home or anywhere at any time. We can deliver services such as cloud PBX phone systems, managed services, business continuity, virtual networks, hosted exchanged services, software development, 24/7 worldwide technical support and cloud security systems.

At vCloud Group we do not resell other company’s solutions…. we are the solution. With our own backend network, exchange services and datacentres, allowing us to provide the same pricing, same functionality but giving you instant support with no waiting on hold.

The most important bit?

Limit the amount of handballing between IT providers!

The last thing we want to see is the constant hand balling from other service providers. This causes downtime, lost of productivity for your company and is a headache for ours.

Therefore here at vCloud Group, whether it is a phone system, wifi, printer or firewall solutions, NBN and 4G internet services and/or anything cloud computing, we are your one stop provider… with no hand balling involved.

Contact us today, we deal with everything cloud computing, keep everything under one company, no departments to deal with, nor waiting for another technical support team to answer too.

We make dealing with your IT solutions simple. You will just be dealing with ourselves and anyone we partner with is a direct, not an indirect partner. This means when you liaise with them, you are still dealing with vCloud Group.


Here are 12 Reasons to be part of
the vCloud Group Revolution

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Fixed in 5 Minutes
or Less, Then it’s FREE

It’s simple, if we can fix your issue in under 5 minutes, it’s totally free. Don’t waste time trying to get remote access, when the problem can be fixed.

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Between Email, SMS, Cloud Phone, Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; we really are totally contactable anywhere and anytime.

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Cloud Computing

We are about everything cloud computing. The number one integrated cloud platform for all your systems and process requirements.

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Be at the Forefront
of Technology

Being at the forefront of technology means we always know when new technology arrives. We don’t like surprises that we don’t know something.

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24/7 Support Team
Australian Based

Log a ticket via our Support Portal, send a SMS, Email, or simply pick up the phone. We are always accessible; we don’t like giving excuses.

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We Speak I.T.
in Your Language

We try to keep our discussions very simple. We understand not everyone gets the cloud, this is why we simplify our proposal and all communication.


Answer all Questions

We answer all questions honestly even when we are at fault. We believe honesty is important in any sort of business relationship.


Follow up on
Everything we do

We don’t just do the work, we check that it’s done and done right. You won’t get charged a second time for work that wasn’t fixed the first time.


No Hand Balling Between Providers

Completely vCloud Group means no hand balling. Everything is under the same roof, dealing directly with us to fix all your I.T needs.

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2018 Cloud Network
System Up-Time

With our SD-WAN Multi-Site Network solution we have been able to provide our customers with a staggering 99.7% uptime in 2018.

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Inclusive Pricing for
any Business

We level the playing field with pricing to suit businesses of all sizes. On top of this the more services you have with us, the more discounts we provide.

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Australian Based
Data Centre

Utilising our own data centre means we are the total solution. No reselling, just same pricing, same functionality and instant support.


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