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Working with law firms over the last 10 years, we have found your requirements are focused around your document management system; with a new era of IT and Cloud Computing, its important to partner with an IT company who has a direct relationships with the above software providers.

Choosing a provider that can provide solutions for both platforms (on-premises and in the cloud) and still manage your firm the same way is the challenge. This is where vCloud Group excels: we only choose systems that can work with both supported platforms.


From when our team started maintaining law firms 10 years ago, we acknowledged that the only way to successfully maintain a law firm, is to establish strong business partnerships with the vendors that provide the software and solutions to your law firm.

This doesn’t just mean the software providers – we also work very closely with hardware vendors that provide printing, scanning and other office solutions to streamline your business. If it connects to your computer network, on-premises or in the cloud, you can bet we have something to do with the way it integrates.

vCloud Group is built on creating strong business partnerships first and foremost.

We don’t only work with our business partners to install or migrate your systems, we become your direct contact for everything IT, between you and our business partners. Whether there are support issues, system upgrades, routine maintenance or just friendly advice, we become your trusted advisor so you can get back to doing what you do best … running your law firm.


it partnerAs a solutions provider, we find its important to act and do what’s in the best interest for the client and the client only. Even though we have a relationship with all the above providers, this relationship is about streamlining installation, management and support for your legal practice system.

These software providers have been tested both on-premises and in our cloud-enabled data centre. We build a project plan with you and the legal practice software provider, to ensure all work needing to be done is projected out, and dates for implementation are all locked in.


legal practice softwareYour law firm is centred around having a functional document management system. You  need a system that’s not only stable, but also suitable for the areas of law you operate in. Choosing the wrong system can be detrimental to your business long-term.

Now, it’s not only pricing that is the factor here; the experience your staff have with these systems, the direction the software is taking over it’s life-cycle and not to forget current trends, cloud computing has changed the way we work today.

We will put you in direct contact with not only software companies, but also the person in charge of giving you all the information required to make an informed decision, in regards to changing or implementing their software in your law firm.


project manageWhen it comes to new software installations, upgrades and migrations, we have done this a number of times both on-premises and in the cloud. We will find the best solution between your law firm and the software vendors, to ensure there are no surprises during the implementation process.

Let us project manage how your document management system is going to be rolled out or upgraded. We come out work with your firm and the software vendors to build a project plan and lock in dates so we can find the best install or upgrade path, with the lowest disruption, downtime and impact to your business.


Your computer network is the first point of stability in your company. Without a strong computer network, your staff are unproductive and you end up throw money away in either downtime or excessive IT costs long-term.

With today’s computer networks, it is very important to keep a maintained network (updates, anti-virus, malware protection and firewalls) for your staff to be productive. We work on anything from servers, workstations, printers, scanners, multi-function units, to IP phones & IP cameras; if it connects to your computer network, we can manage it.

We provide monthly and yearly system audits on your computer network, to ensure systems are current, maintained and properly updated.


Our world-class managed services software and management tools, developed by our internal software development teams, provide a proactive solution to keep your computer network (on-premises or in the cloud) always active and running.

If it has a network address, we can manage it for you. From servers, multi function units, workstations, printers, to PBX based phones and IP phones.


software licensing managementIn an era where everything is subscription based, it helps to have a solution provider that can meet all your licensing requirements.

Licensing for a law firm is no different to other companies, other than making sure the update cycle meets the software providers requirements. Monthly, semi-annual and annual updates are available, to ensure software and systems are not broken through the update cycle of all your software providers.

Licensing can be managed entirely through our portals, making it easier for us to raise support issues on your behalf and work directly with their support teams.

We have partnered with all distributors of major software vendors, to give you licensing for the following applications packages:

  • Microsoft (365, Office 365, Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Virtualisation with VDA),
  • Adobe (Creative Suite, or individual products),
  • Nitro (Standard, Professional with eSigning),
  • 3CX PBX Phone System,
  • MYOB,
  • Teamviewer,
  • Anti-Virus (Avast, AVG, McAfee, etc).

Receive a monthly bill with all subscription services, making it easy to manage all your licensing, with the one solutions provider. We can also provide yearly billing at your request.


cloud based business continuityThis is where cloud computing began for vCloud Group; we recognise that data backups and storage of backups is the most critical part of your IT strategy, even though most business owners do not take backing up seriously. We find this is the most important area of your business, and focus very much on ensuring every bit of protection is taken to guarantee your business can continue running in case of a disaster.

Don’t be fooled by cloud software companies selling software that is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). As much as their databases, all your documents, matter cards, contacts, linked emails, etc, are stored on their servers in their cloud data centre, that information is all backed up by default as part of their service and subscription with you.

But its your other information that is commonly overlooked. Like your shared file storage, email system, system configuration and security. These services are still required to be backed up and the cloud is the best place for it.


avoid interuptionsAs part of a business continuity planning, we offer backup testing at an interval you specify. We can do it weekly, monthly or quarterly. It all comes down to how important your data is to you. It can be incorporated into your monthly subscription with us, or you can contact us and we can do it at the time of request.

We also have all the monitoring tools to keep track of your backups via email and SMS notification, so when connections drop out, we know within minutes of the disconnection, to ensure the possibility of downtime is brought to a minimum.


scanning printingAs a law firm, your scanning and printing multi-function units are the pinnacle to generating a great portion of your work. It is critical to choose the right multi-function unit for your requirements.

We work very closely with the hardware and software vendors of these multi-function units, to give you ease of use and make sure all time, usage and printing is tracked, and can automatically linked back to the matter file on your document management software.

Streamlining, scanning and printing requirements for your firm could save you hundreds, if not thousands a month in excess usage costs. We work out the best way to use your multi-function units, so the vendor can tailor print drivers to do exactly that.

Functions such as:

  • Default black and white printing,
  • Secure Printing (all print jobs queued until you go to the printer and enter your secure personal code),
  • Dedicated colour printing drivers,
  • User mailboxes,
  • User enabled logging of costs against the matter,
  • Double sided printing and scanning, and much more.


cloud based phone systemAs much as the most important part of a law firm is its computer system, over the years the phone system has become equally important.

Years ago, both areas of technology were run by different areas of business; we handled the computer systems, and electricians and telephone providers handled the phone system, as it was always running over the copper networks.

Since NBN implementation, advancements to internet services, cloud computing, and over the years, software-based phone systems becoming more popular, we have seen the phone system move more into the IT industry.


3cx management consolePhone systems are now able to run on-premises, or in the cloud. They are managed exactly the same way. We implement the phone system to meet your requirements, then we hand the management console straight to you to manage.

You can create/change extensions, add and provision IP phones to users, set rules to call and ring group, set out of office messages and call flows.


computer trainingWe are very good at what we do, so sharing the knowledge is part of what vCloud Group does very well. We are not the kind of company to keep this type of knowledge to ourselves to keep billing you. We are more than happy to spend time with you and your staff, to make you proficient in using your IT systems to become more productive within your business.

More so with your IT or Practice Manager, we give them access to management consoles, so they can do the majority of the work themselves at a time they choose to do it. This means you do not have to wait for IT to provision services, which would lead to you getting billed extra on top of your monthly subscription services. We then become an additional resource to your practice manager either managing everything IT, or just the complex areas, to save you money.

We have a dedicated help desk with access to a knowledge base that can assist you in areas like understanding keyboard shortcuts, working and upgrading your website, managing your phone system, step-by-step guides setting up an electronic faxing solutions, and much more.

We can hold training remotely, doing a teleconference and using remote access software. This is great for when your staff are stuck on something and call into our help desk; we can assist instantly and do one-on-one training. We can come on-site, book us in blocks of 4 or 8 hours, and we can do single and group training to get your staff more confident in using their IT systems.

Or, we can do a group training at our office and host a training session. We do this for more in depth training where multiple trainers are required, or direct access to our cloud network is required. A minimum of 16-20 people is required for this style of training session.