Using Online Electronic Faxing Service

efaxElectronic Faxing today seems to be the way the world is moving to maintain this old style of technology and removing the need for phone lines and faxing hardware.

We recommend a local company efax.com.au, to give you the same functionality as your traditional fax without the requirement of a phone line and equipment.

Instead you use your email to send to a allocated number that is given to you and maintain your total faxing solution from your email client, like Microsoft Outlook.

See how help desk article on how to set this up and if you are running an Exchange Server (hosted or on-premises), contact us to assist with the group permissions for allowing everyone to send fax as an email and have them returned to one source for ease of access.

It’s a very clean and useful approach to bring some old technology into the cloud platform.

See help desk article:

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