What Is vCloudAU?

vCloudAU stands for Virtual Cloud Computing Services Australia Pty Ltd. We are an end-to-end cloud computing solutions provider. Our offerings are:

  • Virtual Networks,
  • Managed Services,
  • Business Continuity, and
  • System Monitoring.

Platform-as-a-Service? What Is It?

Platform-as-a-Service, or “PaaS,” is the ability to run your network in the cloud. This means your server, network switch, router, workstations and even printing are all connected in the cloud.

Also, more info about Platform-as-a-Service on Wikipedia.

What Is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is the planning, policies and procedures vCloud puts in place in preparation for any kind of IT disaster. Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity, meaning we will focus on the issue at hand and come up with proper recovery procedures to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

What Is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is the plan companies and/or organisations put in place to ensure critical business departments will remain fully functional through any IT crisis.

What Do You Mean When You Say You'll Monitor My Network?

Monitoring is what we do at vCloud to monitor in real-time any backups, systems and networks for potentially malicious software.

What Are Connectivity Platforms

Connectivity platforms refers to the number of different platforms you can use to connect to our network. Presently, you can use any platform and be able to connect  to the vCloud network.

How Do I Connect To The Network?

You download the client software for the platform you’re attempting to connect from. Once the download has completed, enter your username and password and follow any prompts. If you are having trouble with the software, don’t hesitate to contact vCloud on 1800 VCLOUD (825 683).

Do I Need A Particular Internet Connection To Connect To The Network?

Not at all. If you are a small business of 5-10 employees, a standard internet connection should be just fine. If you are a business of 10 or more employees and want a secure connection to our network, contact us to arrange a dedicated connection for your business to connect to our network.

How Safe Is My Data?

As explained in our blog post, your data is extremely secure.

How Safe Is Your Data?